What Motivates People To Click?

Creating splendid contents is most web owners’ main weapon to have a retaining audience. They write motivating and emotion-stirring contents to attract readers and customers. Okay. Content is king, and it does make people click, but it is not everything. Types of customers and why they click Customers are divided in several levels. Since every … Read more

On being a cook

Dragon successfully splashed down at 11:51 am PT in the Pacific Ocean, completing the Commercial Resupply Services 8 (CRS 8) mission which began with the liftoff of Falcon 9 and Dragon back on April 8th.

[stag_columns][stag_one_half]Here we have only two switched reference voltages: 0 and 1.0000. (As we shall show later, we can tweak the high end even if this voltage is not precise.) Here we have added a number of flip-flops such as CMOS types 4013 (which come two to a chip). [/stag_one_half] [stag_one_half_last]The high end tweak on the other hand, may use any of a number of techniques. But this involves smaller adjustments, such as small resistors or small capacitors. These may well not be actual trim-pots, but slightly different fixed components. [/stag_one_half_last] [/stag_columns]

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