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I graduated from one of the most prestigious Universities In the country, namely The University Of The Philippines Cebu.

I have a bachelors degree in Mass Communications majoring in Tri-Media (T.V., Radio & Print). I also took some units in M.A. Social Psychology, from the University Of San Carlos and were planning on finishing in Manila.

I started learning SEO way back after graduating from college in 2004 and has since been in love with it.

I have worked with a number of top SEO agencies in the Philippines and have handled local clients along with international ones from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

I am also an avid health and fitness enthusiast and have been teaching martial arts such as Chinese Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

My SEO Story

Back in 2004 the economy of the Philippines was booming with the advent of the call center industry. A lot of big industries like People Support, Sykes and Convergy’s have set up shop in the biggest business districts all over the country. It promised a lot of good benefits from health care insurance to career development.

My initial job after graduating was a call center agent but then I was hired to work for an SEO agency in Cebu, that handled clients from the U.S.

Being first and foremost a writer I started from writing blogs for the SEO agency to becoming introduced to link-building, affiliate marketing, PPC and then SEO. Life was simple back then, but that small decision turned out to be one of the most important ones I made.

I will always consider Cebu as my second home but eventually I found my way back to Metro Manila in order to work for another SEO agency and thus polishing my skills in SEO.

To wit I’ve worked with a lot of SEO companies in the Philippines.  Some of them already folded while some of them are still growing strong. You can read more about my SEO experiences here.

What I Learned From Doing SEO For Ten years

As of the moment I am now located in Teachers Village, Quezon City where I usually spend some time to walk in the pristine campus of U.P. Diliman.

Putting up an SEO agency in Metro Manila at the comfort of my home is truly a humbling experience as I get to enjoy my time with my family instead of the hustle and bustle of daily traffic.

There are a lot of things I learned from doing SEO for the past ten years, amongst them is the fact that SEO has become simpler and more powerful.

In the near future, a lot of companies that has not yet invested in any SEO will soon regret that they never had.

I also think that SEO in the Philippines has become more competitive and will soon be a very lucrative business for years to come.

The local arena is also ripe for the practice of SEO. Come to think of it back then there were only a handful of us practicing SEO, but now it has become an industry of its own!

Nowadays one can have a full grown SEO agency in the Philippines that started from a computer shop!

I am amazed at how fast SEO is growing in the country and I am glad and humbled that I am one of the people who pioneered it.

Past Works

I have been repeatedly asked what were my past clients, unfortunately Marketing Manila guarantee 100% confidentiality to its clients. Which is why I never disclose any details about my work. But if you are still interested with my past and where I came from along with the kind of websites I handled please feel free to look at my LinkedIn Account.

Why SEO?

I have been asked over and over again, why I chose to be an SEO and not be in any other career. And every time I answer them I end up asking myself the same question too.

So to give you an idea of why I chose SEO over others, the answer is simple; I find myself more effective when trying to solve other peoples SEO problems.

SEO also offers me a different kind of high, different from the high I get when I train in the gym. It keeps my mind very busy and curious about a lot of things. And I guess it is the only career where your career path is limitless.

Why I Choose To Work From Home

Have you ever tried commuting from Diliman to Makati at rush hour? The traffic alone will cost you more stress than you can ever imagine. I lived that kind of life before, but  after carefully discussing everything with myself and weighing the pros and cons of working in an office along with careful considerations about my health I’ve decided to choose to work from home.

You see our family has a long history of heart problems along with high-blood pressure and gout. After living a very sedentary lifestyle by working in an office I blew up to 190+ lbs and developed gout along with other health issues.

Plus I get really bad migraines when I don’t exercise and I am telling you, these migraines are damn painful. (As of the moment I workout approximately at least 3 hours everyday.)

It took me two years of active lifestyle just to recover from it, and that was the time I finally decided to work remotely.

Turns out the stress of traveling and wasting at least 2 hours of my time on the road (to and fro to Makati is 4) and sitting for 8 hours everyday is not very good for me. My body needs to be active every single day in order to not develop the problems I stated above.

Also if I can deliver the same quality of work, and If I can maintain a healthy lifestyle then I think I made the right decision.

I am not saying that working in an office is wrong, I mean I don’t have the perks of having a great health benefits, paid leaves, 13th month pays but still I don’t get to waste my time on the road among people I don’t know and instead use that time to use it productively (like learning new things).

I am not saying that this decision is final, but if ever there is a job that can offer the same perks as what I am enjoying now then why not consider it right?

I’m Sort Of An Authority In SEO In The Philippines

I usually don’t mention my achievements, but because a lot of potential clients yearn for it well here are a few of the things I achieved in the world of SEO:


I was also moderator (and oftentimes a speaker) for one of the biggest SEO conferences in the country and a speaker for digital marketing events:

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy my site and I am glad to see all of you here!

Member of The Internet Defense League


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