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Find Your Extraordinary

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Let’s talk about Jessica Herrin and Stella and Dot.

What started as a side business for her has flourished into company with 500 million in sales as of 2016.

Stella and Dot is a direct sales company which sells costume jewelry where Jessica is both the founder and the CEO.

Amazing how a company grew from humble beginnings and how it is now a business helping people do direct sales alongside their corporate jobs.

More people are getting attracted to entrepreneurship and Jessica gives her insights in this through “Find Your Extraordinary”. She has 6Ps and we will discuss them in more detail.


What is your passion? If you were asked that question what would you answer? What is passion? It’s something you feel strongly about. What do you love doing? Think this, what would you pursue even if money isn’t an issue?

You see, money shouldn’t be the end game. As cliché as it sounds, do what makes you feel accomplished. Years back, Jessica dropped out from Stanford and stared an online wedding registry business that became successful.

You would assume that Jessica was already at the peak of her passion that moment right? Wrong, she wasn’t that passionate on this business and she wasn’t invested enough to go through it. It appears as a success to others but Jessica didn’t find fulfillment in it.

Only then did she found her passion when she came across saleswomen of Mary Kay in an elevator. She found them fascinating and that drove her to her real passion.

However, knowing your passion is not formulaic. But one this is for sure, when you see it, you will recognize it and it will make you excited to work every single day.


Aside from finding your passion it’s also important to know how you will reach your goals. You have to have a path towards it. And like all paths, it won’t always be smooth sailing. Be prepared for failures, setbacks, moments of doubt if this is the right way.

At some point you would even feel like giving up but the thing is, don’t let the obstacles blind your vision completely. And are you feeling that the timing is not right? Because of existing work? Taking care of your children?

When the day ends and the children are asleep, work on it. Do side jobs and work on it at the same time. The vice president of Stella and Dot, Danielle Redner tells us that there are three questions to ask if you really want to find your extraordinary:

Do you know why you want to do this?

Do you accept that this won’t be easy?

Are you ready to work?

If you know the answers you are on track. You should be willing to learn new things, that’s essential in moving forward. As said earlier things won’t be easy, so a positive outlook also would also help. You should also be willing to take action and work hard.

Remember also to be consistent in finding your extraordinary. Consistency can help you be on track in chasing your dreams. Maintain the momentum!

Positive Mindset

And of course you need a positive mindset. There are a lot of negative thoughts if you entertain it, nagging you, bringing you down. However, you must know that these thoughts can’t always hold true.

Focus and calm your mind. Try doing mindfulness. Several time a day, you can just unplug and focus in the moment. When you do this regularly you can reap these benefits:

  • Instead of feeling doomed, you are given hope.
  • Instead of brewing distrust, you feel more trusting.
  • Instead of being angry, you become more curious on why.
  • Instead of resisting changes, you become more willing to explore.
  • Instead of dwelling in frustration, you become more appreciative.

A positive mindset is really essential when you understand that the road to success won’t go smooth. This will define your success.

People That Matters to You

As they say, if you want to go fat go alone. But if you want to go farther you need to go together. And there’s so much wisdom in that. There are many people around you but not all of them will be supportive of your journey. Surround yourself with people who fuels your passion and not those who bring you down with their negativity.

Associate with people who allows you to pursue your passion, supportive and allows you to grow. And as leader, be the person you want to lead you as well. You must exhibit the following:

  • Benevolence, be well-meaning and kind in helping those around you.
  • Love for your Job, being ethical is good on the job but of course you must love it first.
  • Being Goal Oriented, pursue with the goal in mind.
  • Confidence, keep things positive.
  • Authenticity, of course be true.
  • Integrity, doing the right thing.

Be the leader who has these kind of qualities and people would surely follow.


As mentioned earlier, the path to success isn’t going to be easy. Truth be told, there will be some necessary sacrifices along the way. And it’s important to know from the onset what not to give up. It can be family time, time for your hobbies and so on.

When you know what’s important to you, you can identify better which activities you have to quit. For Jessica, she was taking guitar lessons before. While it’s not actually a bad idea, she had to give it up to give way for other more important activities. You have now an understanding what activities are expendable.

When you have crossed out the reasons why you should quit, there’s nothing left but to persevere. And when you persevere the chances of obtaining success is higher.


Your dreams can only go as far if you take action. Of course, a dream is just a dream without getting work done. And what to we mean by work, doing the right ones to be exact.

You can only do as much in a day, that’s reality. What some other people do, they try to do as much as they can. This is about prioritizing, what needs to be done now and what can be delayed.

Being busy is also a way of avoiding doing other stuff. You just cry you’re too busy to work out but then you were “busy” browsing the internet mindlessly. Being busy is also an excuse to why you have not been replying to your messages.

The thing is, we can choose how we use our time. You don’t actually manage your schedule, you manage how you use your time wisely. You need to know what you should prioritize all throughout the day. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Allow yourself to block some time. Allot this for personal time you can use for a bit of exercise or activities for your development.
  2. Scheduling unscheduled time. This is an opportunity to plan on long term strategies.
  3. Reviewing the time you spent. Keeping track of time and reviewing it is a great way to know how you actually spend your day.
  4. Being realistic. There will be times you will not be able to cross out those “to-dos” but don’t beat yourself out on it.
  5. Not letting people take over your time. Some people will just take some of your precious time so be on guard. You should still be the one controlling your time and not them.


Jessica closed the book with a challenge, are you ready to find your extraordinary? Reading and understanding how you can benefit from the 6Ps, are you ready to take action?




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