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Floyd is my go-to SEO person. I work with several clients and he is my top of mind for any SEO requirements.

He is knowledgeable, reliable and easy to work with. Responsive and thinks outside the box.



There are a lot of specialists out there in the open, but there are limited people who could deliver strong results in marketing and amplify the return of your investments.

Floyd is one of them. A seasoned digital marketing specialist backed by years of experience in SEO and paid search.

I personally recommend him to my peers whenever they seek expert help from someone who have mastered the ins and outs of SEO.



I came to know Floyd when he volunteered to be an admin of a freelancing community I am managing. It didn't take long before we clicked because he's good-natured, easy to get along with and dependable, so it's also only natural that he became one of my trusted friends and colleagues in the industry.

Work-wise, Floyd has already established himself as one of the authority in SEO in the country way before I knew him.

But working with him through the group, I can confirm it's not just because of hype, he's the real deal. He's competent and good at what he does. In fact, he is one of my go-to persons for SEO concerns and top of mind when a client asks me for referrals.

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