Why Should We Rethink?

What is innovation? It’s not really about coming up with an entirely new idea – it doesn’t equate to an invention. Innovation can be about reinventing existing concepts, improving what is currently at hand. The idea doesn’t have to be new, it is just improved because of experience and advancement through the years. Those who … Read more

How Do You Play to Win?

Form the title of the book itself, you know what this is all about. It’s about playing with the intention to win, because why not? Playing to Win authors Dean Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley discuss the strategies to bring in the win. What is a strategy anyway? Commonly used word, but what is it … Read more

What’s the Deal with “Dealstorming”?

Dealstorming, what is it really? It’s a portmanteau of “deal-making” and “brainstorming”. Sounds interesting, right? This is very applicable now that the competition in sales is getting more challenging. We will discuss how dealstorming can change things! Just a small clarification though, dealstorming isn’t just for larger companies – it’s applicable to any company regardless … Read more

Being Extraordinary

Let’s talk about Jessica Herrin and Stella and Dot. What started as a side business for her has flourished into company with 500 million in sales as of 2016. Stella and Dot is a direct sales company which sells costume jewelry where Jessica is both the founder and the CEO. Amazing how a company grew … Read more