How To Overpower Your Procastination

Lately, we have made use of an easy rule that lets us destroy our procrastinating ways. It has really made thing easier in terms of staying committed to our better habits. We wish to tell you about this easy rule at this time so that you can give it a go for yourself and see if it is something that you can use. You want to know the great thing? The idea is very simple, and is extremely easy.

Here's what we want you to learn…

How To Avoid Procrastination Using The “2-Minute Rule”

We decided to name this technique the “2-Minute Rule” and the idea is that is makes things easier to start on when the size of the task might cause you resistance or hesitation.

Here's some cold, hard truth…

Most tasks that you wind up procrastinating on are not really all that hard; you likely have the skills and work ethic to get them done. Rather, you have a number of reasons for not starting them. You can overpower your procrastination with the 2-Minute Rule in such ways that laziness is not a problem for you ever again.

The 2-Minute Rule has two basic components:

1) If a task can be done in less than two minutes, do that task right now!

This idea originates from the bestselling “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

If you actually stop to think about it, it might just shock you to realize how many things you could just knock out in two minutes or even less time that you wind up putting off. For instance, many common tasks that get procrastinated, but could be done immediately include putting a load into your washing machine, clearing clutter, sending an email, taking out garbage, or washing dishes right after eating.

If any task is going to take you less than 120 seconds, honor the rule and complete the work this very moment.

2) When starting any new habit, it is best to do so in less than 2 full minutes.

Can all dreams and ambitions be realized within 120 seconds? Of course not. However, any goal is something you can commit 2 minutes to in order to start in that direction, and that is the real genius behind this strategy. You might be thinking this is just too simple for big dreams in life, but I disagree. It can be applied towards a goal of any size because of a bigger truth, and that is the physics of life and the universe.

The Physics Of Life And The Universe

Sir Isaac Newton, as you might remember, was one of the historical geniuses in the realm of physics. He learned and then taught others that an object at rest is likely to stay at rest, whereas an object in motion has a tendency to remain in motion. This applies just as much to human beings as it does to the legendary apple that fell on his head.

You can use the 2-Minute Rule for your larger goals in life just as much as the tiny tasks, thanks to inertia. Once you begin a task, you are more likely to continue it. We personally adore this idea because it honors the concept that all kinds of great things might happen after you launch into something.

Do you aspire to improve your writing? Start with five sentences over two minutes. Soon enough, you'll go on for a half an hour.

Do you hope to shoot a hundred basketball free throws a day to improve your shooting? Try three. Number four and more will just be automatic after a few minutes.

Do you want to walk around the neighborhood a few days a week? Take a few minutes to put on your shoes and go out to the mailbox. The right turn to the sidewalk and eventually the park comes naturally after that.

Do you want to read a long book? Spend two minutes on the first chapter. The pages will be turning in no time.

The critical thing in any situation is just to get going, not just once, but every time you visit a new habit. Performance and perfection are not the goal, just consistent action.

Using the 2-Minute Rule is not something to do with the end result in mind, but actually a tool to do the work that leads to results. It's a very useful technique for anyone who has adopted the belief that the system or the journey is of higher importance than the final goal or destination. Put your individual focus on taking specific actions; let better things flow from that decision.

Try It Today

We don't know if the 2-Minute Rule works for everyone; we don't know if it is going to be something you use successfully, yet we can tell you this: it will never work if you don't even try it.

The issue with a lot of blog posts or advice columns or articles like this one, or even podcasts and videos, is that you absorb the knowledge within them, but you never actually use it. We really hope this particular article stands out as an exception. We hope that you really do use the 2-Minute Rule, and we want you to try it this very moment.

Consider your current obligations and to-do list. Anything on there you can finish in 120 seconds or less? Get up and go do it, right now. Go. Go. Go.

Seriously, go do it. You have two minutes to spare, and we'll still be here when you get back.



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