EDSA People Power was a failed revolution, that it only prompted the return of the old oligarchy. That it is a dying excuse for a celebration to take a holiday in ones’ busy schedule.

“I attack ideas. I don’t attack people. And some very good people have some very bad ideas. And if you can’t separate the two, you gotta get another day job.”- Justice Scalia

I take offense.

I take offense to the idea that after thirty years, we are celebrating People Power by toppling down a dictatorship only to have the son of the dictator waltz back in power along with their cohorts and run for vice president of this country.

I take offense that after thousands of documented cases of human rights abuses and millions of dollars being recovered from ill-gotten wealth, millions of Filipinos still question the validity of EDSA People Power.

I take offense that whenever I open a fashion magazine every year you will see the faces of Imelda and her family gracing the parties of high society and being featured prominently.

I take offense that Filipinos still elected their family and supporters back in power as if the entire practice of EDSA People Power was a farce, a temporary turnover where no justice, accountability or recompense ever came to light.

I take offense that until now, victims of martial law abuses are still waiting for justice to be served, nay, they are one by one dying by the day either questioning God why or just accepting it as a way of life.

Yes, I take offense.

I take offense when people who left this country have the gall to criticize our situation from the comfortable confines of their homes, while sipping a warm cup of coffee or a wonderful glass of wine.

There’s a problem with that practice, and that is they need to earn that right. After all, isn’t it a good idea to ask ourselves’ what good have we done for our country, even before we criticize it for its own good?

The thing is, it is not enough to point out the problems of your people, you also have to create solutions for them and do whatever it is in your power to help improve the lives of the people you are criticizing until there is nothing left to criticize.

Giving up on them and blaming them as a whole removes the chance for one to reach to the younger generation and change their behavior.

I take offense that despite the improvements of technology and information we still have the same problems.

We hate congested traffic, but what do we do to fix it?

We hate corruption, but we vote the same leaders over and over again.

We want to have a better way of life, but we look outwards of our country and not within.

We love our heroes but we do not aspire to be like them?

I take offense when people equate EDSA people power with the Aquino‘s, and ridicule Cory and her family while blaming them for the demise of our society.

Just to remind you, EDSA People Power happened because some sonuvabitch killed Ninoy Aquino, the last person who, if not for the grace of God and for his political status, would have been summarily executed along with the thousands before him.

Tell you what, EDSA People Power is not just about the Aquinos, it is about every single Filipino that was tortured, ‘salvaged’, had disappeared, raped and God knows what psychological damage they and their family suffered.

It just so happened that for the very first time and for the last time in those fateful years, Filipinos said; “TAMA NA, SOBRA NA, PALITAN NA!”

I take offense when people call Filipinos who believed in the spirit and the victory that was EDSA a farce and a “noytard”.

I take offense because I always believe that Filipinos are worth something, that with or without EDSA, we should always be wary of the wrong doings being done to us by our leaders and the sad plight of our people.

That we have the right to call a spade a spade and make people accountable for their actions regardless if they are an Aquino or a Marcos or a supporter of EDSA and Martial Law.

That we can demand justice and protect the common good regardless of classes and literacy.

For all its worth, people might say that EDSA People Power was a failed revolution, that it only prompted the return of the old oligarchy. That it is a dying excuse for a celebration to take a holiday in ones’ busy schedule.

I beg to differ. And again I take offense.

For all its shortcomings, EDSA people power reminded us that our love of country and the common good will always precede that of our fears.

That even rape, torture, summary executions and death will not hinder our people from reaching their full potential as a nation.

And lastly, I take offense when people think that these ideas ended in EDSA People Power.

We remember EDSA People Power once a year, why not remember the love for our country every day of the year?