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Applying the Progress Principle

Sometime ago, organizations all over wanted to be like Google. The gourmet food selection,  awesome workplace, and all the works! What we saw were all very attractive but there’s more to what our eyes can see. Company culture, what we don’t see but as important. And that’s what we will delve in deeper today, the […]

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Aim to Be Simply Brilliant

What makes a company successful? Is it those who give the best offers? Contrary to that thinking, it’s not about giving the best deals, it’s about who is offering unique solutions or products. Organizations who offer novel ideas. Getting to provide creative solutions or products sets an organization apart from the others. Briefly, they’re just […]

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Why Should We Rethink?

What is innovation? It’s not really about coming up with an entirely new idea – it doesn’t equate to an invention. Innovation can be about reinventing existing concepts, improving what is currently at hand. The idea doesn’t have to be new, it is just improved because of experience and advancement through the years. Those who […]

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How Do You Play to Win?

From the title of the book itself, you know what this is all about. It’s about playing with the intention to win, because why not? Playing to Win authors Dean Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley discuss the strategies to bring in the win. What is a strategy anyway? Commonly used word, but what is it […]

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