How to Make the Most of Your Business: Making Money with Minimal Customers

How to Make Maximum Money with Minimum Customers

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Money. People pay attention when you talk about it. It is something that we want to make a lot because why not? Who doesn’t want to make a lot of money?

The thing with money though, you have to work for it. That’s given. But is it possible to make money even with a few customers? Actually, the premise is interesting and worth listening to.

We will discuss today if that’s even possible. So let’s get the ball rolling!

There’s No Such Things as Easy Money

You have to put that in mind first.  It doesn’t rain money nor does it come too easily. Money is something you work for. So we put that out for everyone at the start, if you are looking for easy money you won’t find it here.

If being hardworking now is putting you off, this pathway may not be for you. There’s no lazy way either. We’re telling you now that there’s no room for being lazy and not working hard in this journey.

So right from the start, check on with yourself. What’s your attitude towards work? What principles do you adhere to regarding work? What are your work ethics? That’s a very important question to ask right off the bat.

Your attitude will determine how successful you will be. The amount of work you put in is proportional to your success. So do the math on that. If you are willing to work hard and not let laziness win – you will definitely have something going on there.

On the other hand, some of you may have the right attitude for work already. Yet you will unsuccessful, stuck, or at a loss. What you could do is create a focus – build a goal. With the right work ethic and a purpose, you’re bound to go somewhere.


The thing with rolling out your business, some people would want to cover as much as they can. There is this thought that the wider the target the more people you would be covering, more people would avail your service.

However, that thought is actually problematic. It lacks focus. It lacks specialty. Having a specific target market is something that we should focus on, but why? Shouldn’t we cover a wider range from the start?

The thing with business, chances are there are existing companies catering to a wide range of needs. So how do you stand out in the sea of businesses? What will make people stop and take notice of your business?

You must be offering them something different. There are a lot of businesses offering the same, generic products or services already so you have to offer them something more specific.

Target a certain group, what do they need that you could specifically address? These questions might come in handy when you’re looking for your target :

Who are your current customers?

What kind of customers do you like to work with?

Are your customers asking for some product or services that you are not yet selling?

Great questions and they will make you think about what your specialty is. And if you arrive at your specialty and see that you’d like to offer at least 2 services, you don’t have to cover the whole range for that.

You can launch two or so different marketing campaigns to address the different target markets.

As you see, what we’re getting at here is focus. And focus brings more the customer’s attention to you.


Sure you want your business to succeed, make money, and what? This is an important part of business also – making relationships.

Good relationship with your client that is. A good, working relationship with your client would get you far in the business.

Customers need to know that they are valued. Customers need to know that you care for them. It is important that you maintain the relationship even after the sale.

There are many ways of getting in touch. Communicating to them personally or if not geographically and logistically possible, by phone, email – there are lots of ways to reach out to them! There’s no excuse actually.

Reach out to your clients as much as you can. Building your business relationships is essential. Make sure your customers feel valued.

Mailing Lists

This is also an effective way of reaching out to your customers. However, if not used properly this method could backfire. People will unsubscribe, but for what reasons really?

They inadvertently signed up in your mailing list and they are uninterested with your business.

The content of the mail does not catch the recipient’s attention – it means it’s utterly boring.

They receive infrequent mail from us, and in the rare moment that they do get one – we’re selling a product to them.

Their expectations aren’t being met. The content of the email is not what they signed up for.

Too many people from your team corresponding with the client, it is pretty confusing to talk to several point persons in the company.

Related to that, they may not even know who is emailing them as there were no introductions from your company.

The content of the email lacks diversity. How can the customer be informed if the topic remains one and the same every single email?

The email lacks identity, people connect with other people not to a generic email.

That’s why you should take better care of your mailing list. They are your current and prospective clients. Make sure your email counts. Build a communication system that’s effective.

Provide your mailing list with informative emails. Be the leader of your specialty in the business. When you work on to be the leader, people would surely take notice of the information you send through their emails.

There’s nothing like hearing from the authority so build that reputation.

How to Sell

In selling your products or services there are three scenarios that you should watch out for.

The first scenario is when you are selling – yes, you are but not selling enough of your business.

You find it difficult to sell your product so you just keep in touch with your customers at the minimum. You rarely contact them and you do it only once you have something to sell to them.

This is not really ideal, as the customers don’t have a relationship with your company. The infrequent communication doesn’t build relationships. And it could be an annoying situation for them, that you just make your presence felt when you need to sell something.

The next scenario would be hard-selling. When you read frequent emails with the same intention of hard-selling – it can be very exasperating to the customers. Most likely you won’t make the sale.

Lastly, in contrast to the last scenario, is when you’re not selling at all. You just pray to the high heavens that they notice your product and all. Why are you in the business again if you are not willing to take action then?

It’s a matter how balancing your selling. If you’re not selling enough, contact your customers more often. However do this in moderation as you may come off as a hard seller. Communicate often but don’t bombard them with sales pitches.

Balance your communication with information that is useful and of value to them. And if you’re not selling at all, develop a communication in place and again – moderate your communication. Strike a balance.

Try and Try Again

Not everything in life runs smoothly – including businesses. As we have started, making money is not that easy. There are many factors that come into play, controllable and uncontrollable.

Sometimes, you can’t become successful overnight. A lot of success stories didn’t come easy. There were hard work involved, patience, and perseverance.A path rarely comes without a stumbling block. You can tumble down at times  but it’s up to you if you continue on.

You can fall several times but the good thing is you can get up every time you fall. There will be obstacles along the way but you will get there if you don’t give up.

One man’s pathway can be different from another man. No journey is the same. You hold in your hands your success – if you just keep on trying!



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