What’s the deal with hyper-local citations?

If you’re a business, you may very well know that most people use the internet a lot. Most especially now that most are on their smartphones. Looking for a place to eat? Looking for the nearest salon? Looking for the nearest electrician around the area? No problem!

The information is now right at your fingertips! The name of the establishment, the address, the phone number is available at one’s disposal!

Just type in your search and your answer is there within seconds. It’s all convenient now because all you have to do is search the internet. You call this presence a “citation”.

A citation is like your directory online – when your business name is indicated, and other details such as your physical address and phone number are mentioned on a website, that’s called a citation.

However, are you even visible on these searches? How do you stand out from your local competition? How do you go beyond, just another business who has a citation on the internet?

Why choose Buenavente.com?

What Buenavente.com offers aren’t just ordinary local citations, it offers hyper-local citations particular and relevant to your business!

Give the team the physical address and other details and Buenavente.com will search the best and most relevant citations for you! Whatever your business is, wherever your business is located, whoever your target market is, the team will look into it for you.

With their research, they will help build useful citations for your business. On top of creating consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) across relevant directories for your business, Buenavente.com go beyond that.

Buenavente.com improves your listing beyond the required NAP. They will help you develop and improve your listing beyond the necessary as to make it more valuable in searches. The team will help you be known in your line of business!

Buenavente.com is glad to help you with your hyper-local citations.

We’d love to discuss with you on how we can improve your business’ citations!