The Comprehensive Guide to How to Jumpstart Your Success Habits You Should Start Doing Now

The Comprehensive Guide to How to Jumpstart Your Success: Habits You Should Start Doing Now

How to Jumpstart Your Success: Habits You Should Start Doing Now

Successful People Get Started Before They Think They Are Ready

In 1966, a sixteen-year-old dyslexic boy dropped out of high school.  He started a magazine with a friend for students and earned money through selling ads to local businesses. He started with just a small amount of money, running his operation out of a local church crypt.

After four years, he started to search for ways to expand his small business so he started to sell records through the mail to the students who purchased his magazine.  He had enough record sales that the next year he was able to build his very first record store.  After selling records for two years, he started his own recording studio and record label.

He rented his recording studio to local artists, which included Mike Oldfield, who created a hit song called tubular Bells inside the small recording studio.  It became the first release for the record label, and the song ended up selling more than 5 million copies.

The young man over the next ten years or so continue growing his record label.  He added bands such as the Rolling Stones, Culture Club and the Sex Pistols.  He continued to start new companies along the way, including an airline, and then went into trains and then into mobile phones, and so forth.  Nearly 50 years later he had more than 400 companies that he was directing.

Today that high school dropout who continues to start new things, despite his lack of knowledge and inexperience is a billionaire. He is Richard Branson.

Habits Practiced By Successful People

Here is what I think makes such a big difference:

Branson doesn't just say things such as “screw it, just do it.”  That is how he actually lives his life.  He dropped out of school so he could start his business.  Then his record label signed the Sex Pistol even when everybody was saying they were too controversial.  When he didn't have the money, he went ahead and chartered a plane anyway.

When everybody else hesitates or comes up with an excuse for why it isn't the right time, Branson just gets started.  He has learned how to just take that first step and not procrastinate – even if it doesn't seem logical.

Begin Now  

Branson is of course an extreme example. However, all of us can learn from the approach that he takes.

And if ever anyone embodied this idea of beginning before they thought they were ready, it is definitely Richard Branson.  He even called his business empire, Virgin because when he and his partners were getting started they were business “virgins.”

With all of the businesses, expeditions, charities and ventures that Branson has started, is isn't possible or feasible for him to feel ready, qualified or prepared to be able to start them all.  In fact, it isn't very likely that he was prepared or qualified to start any of these.

He knew nothing about how planes are engineered and hadn't ever flown a plane, but he went ahead and started his airline company anyway.  Branson is the perfect example of a “chosen one” choosing himself.

If what you are working on is important, then you aren't ever going to feel completely prepared.  One side effect of doing work that is challenging is that the confusion will push you and the excitement will push you all at once.

It is natural that you will feel unqualified, unprepared and uncertain.  However, rest assured, whatever you have right now is definitely enough.  Sure, you can do all the planning, delaying and revising that you want, however, just trust me on this, whatever you have at this very moment is enough for you to get started with.

Whether you are trying to write a book, lose weight, start a business or achieve whatever other goal you may have, whatever you have right now, and whatever you know is more than enough for you to get started.

All of us start in the exact same place: with no experience, no contacts, no resources, no money.  The difference is that some individuals – the successful ones – decide to get started anyway.

So no matter where you happen to be in the world and no matter what you happen to be working on, you should just get started even before you feel completely ready to.





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