What’s the deal with local citation & website audit?

Finding yourself on this page may mean you have a website, great job on that! It’s a good thing that you realize the importance of online presence for your business. Probably you have already employed several techniques in improving your ranking as well.

One of your concerns probably is why aren’t your methods working? Why are you not ranking after all those efforts? What went wrong? You have used citations already but what happened?

For those not familiar, a citation is like your directory online – when your business name is indicated, and other details such as your physical address and phone number are mentioned on a website, that’s called a citation. The details included in a citation is sometimes called NAP (name, address, phone number).

Good job that your business has citations, but are they maximized? Are the citations doing its job? If you know there is a problem, but you don’t know where to start? What should you do next?

Why choose Buenavente.com?

Too intimidated to go over the consistencies? You feel that this is too much of a tedious job? Buenavente.com will audit your website for you!

If you do not know where to start, you can let the Buenavente.com team do it for you. They know how to handle this kind of situation. This will save you hours of despair and work. The team will check what’s going on with your website. They will inspect, audit, and advise what needs to be done.

Buenavente.com is glad to help you with auditing your website.

We’d love to discuss with you on how to do your citation and website audit.