Are You Creating Some Buzz? How to Make Your Business Trend


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One usually associate with time periods, the trends which are happening that time. It can be clothing, expressions, work, and everything in between!

It becomes so popular, some call it trending some may call it viral, some may refer to it as pop culture for the younger ones but whatever it is – it spreads like wildfire!

This phenomenon is really interesting and worth noting of. Why do some trends catch on so fast? Why do the majority follow it? What sets it apart to make it so very popular?

For the business, having your product reach this level is something you would hope for. Because, why wouldn’t you? Having your product to be this popular is a goal itself.

Curiously, how does a product reach this status anyway?  Great quality, yes. Reasonable pricing, yes. Catchy advertising, yes. But is this all to it?

Does this all contribute to the trending status? Yes but there’s another story. Let’s get a move on to see the bigger picture of these.

“Let’s get personal” – When getting or trying new products, what’s the thing that comes into your mind? For uncharted territory, you would likely hear about it from people you know.

The thing with people, they like to share. They like to impart their experience to others, good or bad – it’s a story to tell.

When people hear about others’ personal experience or review of the product, they are more likely to listen up. The reason being – it was a personal experience. A real one – which they can verify. Word of mouth is pretty powerful is we must say.

The thing with personal recommendation – the people willing to listen are the target market of the product.

They want to hear about the product’s feedback. While traditional marketing works just fine,  personal experience is more relatable to the target market.

“Perception” – Social media presence is becoming inevitable with more people using them as connections all over the world. Sharing things to make oneself look good is human behavior.

With social media, this makes it easier to do. With several characters, a photo perhaps and a share button – the message is out in few seconds. What interests people?

Novelty – When people perceive the object or concept unique, it surely catches attention. If it’s stands out among the numerous posts in social media, they will surely pay attention.

It it’s a breakaway from the usual content of their social media feeds, it will surely garner some attention.

Challenge-accepted – Another human behavior is seen through competition. People have a tendency to compare themselves with others. Some promotions do explore this situation.

Purchases that entitle the buyers accrue points, purchases that are equivalent to level-ups, and so on. It’s similar to a game that there are many players involved. Points, badges, levels are acquired that makes you leading in the “game”.

Exclusivity – Another aspect that takes sure attention is having the possibility to belong somewhere exclusive. Whether it’s a limited number of release or belonging to a group only have meeting the requirements – it makes the person feel special. They have something not everyone has.

“By Association” –  Another way to make your business catch on is to associate it with everyday activity or big events. Like popcorn is associated with movies. Hot beverages on cold days, it goes on. Associating an idea with events will keep in on top of the people’s mind whenever they think about it.

“Emotion” – There’s nothing like emotions that move people into action. How so? Listing down details of the product, function, features – it’s alright but it doesn’t do much to recall. Emotions move people. If it resonates deep within them, it remains.

Emotions whether happiness or anger, bring people together. It’s what binds people together. If a trend stirs their emotions, they will surely talk about it.

“Imitation” – When a number of people is seen doing a specific trend like wearing a specific item or using a particular style – it makes other people curious. Why are they using this stuff?

People want to imitate what they see. They get influenced what their peers use. Make a product visible within your target market. It will arouse curiosity why there’s so much around such product. Next thing you know, they want to try it out themselves.

“Usefulness” – At the end of the day, the question is, what value is it to the people? Is it something practical? Is it something useful? Does it offer anything of useful value to them? Is it practical purchase?

If it’s a practical buy, people are more likely to talk about it? Why? The value is too good to pass up on! People would always want a good deal, they want to get more value for their money.

“Narratives” – What other concept will hook a person’s attention? None other than a story. A story unlike laying out the features and details of the products – needs to be heard as a whole.

People are interested to know what happens in the narrative.People pay attention to a story because they want to know the conclusion. Leaving at the middle of the story won’t do – no one leaves at the cliffhanger moment.

Stories make interesting conversations. Stories make it even more personal. It is essentially still an advertisement but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. And there we have it! There more to creating the buss we want for our businesses.

Analyzing human behavior and predicting their reaction is an interesting thought in this. We give them something personal that they can’t stop talking about it.

We take into consideration their need to share details to others, so we talk about what makes them interesting. Posting something unique, exclusive, and challenging makes other people notice.

It makes their social media more interesting. People are also interested in what their peers are up to. There’s a natural instinct to follow what the others are doing.

We can also appeal to emotions, it’s what people have something in common and it drives their desires. And to make a product more known, associate it with everyday tasks or momentous events – make your product synonymous to those.

Of course, let’s not forget about practical purchases, people would always want something of value and the price reasonable. Because spending hard earned money is important.

Lastly, stories attract people. It’s not a generic advertisement, it’s a narrative that has an ending that you should know about.

With all of these lessons, now you can ask yourself how do I make my product trend? Think about it and see how you can apply all of these!




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