Do You Have the Significance Factor?

The Significance Factor

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When you want your business to be successful, you have to begin with yourself first.
It starts within you. You can’t be a good leader without establishing good relationship with others first.
And that good relationship is based on how good you are as an individual as well.

So today we will talk about principles that will help you become a leader.
Principles that will make you a better person. Here we go!


You have the power to choose, remember that. You can choose to be free, get over your fears and live your life to the fullest.

Let’s start on being a Dynamic Leader.

What’s a Dynamic Leader anyway? It’s the type of leader who is influential, knows how to make strategies, adaptable, and can move on regardless of the situation. This can be you!

However, In order to be a Dynamic Leader, you must first check your values. Know what you want to achieve and what steps you need to take to reach that success.

So it is important to understand the Self.

This will help you become a Dynamic Leader. What are  your values?  It is important that you examine what are your core values.

What do you believe in?

What lead you to holding these values? Understanding your beliefs and how it came to be will help you identify where should you pour your efforts on.

To understand your values you have to know what’s important to you.

What do you hold close to your heart?

What would you want to do, given if you have all the resources in the world to pursue it?

Know and understand what you want to pursue and be specific about it. Identifying it is a progress towards achieving what you want to do in life. Tell yourself that whatever it is, you have the right to achieve it. Put it down in words, recite it.

You have your aspiration, now let your core values help you achieve it. If you need to strengthen your beliefs to achieve it, do it.

Also, identify what traits of other people do you admire. When you deem it important in others, you will deem it important within as well.

The core values you have identified is the basis of the Self. And those values guides you to your goals.


Recognizing what your goal and what your values are, you must now make a game plan. This is your pathway to achieve your aspiration, you need to put it into greater details. You need a strategy.

When identifying a strategy to use, you must know how you work. What kind of leader should you be? Inspirational/ Strategic, and Organizational/Tactical? The answer is – you have to be these three – you must strike a balance of these types of leadership.

Inspirational/ Strategic Leadership

These type of leaders base their management on the vision, The vision is clear to them, but they are not much into the details on how to achieve it. However, they understand that they can reach it.

They look at the situation as a whole and understands the possibilities. The strategy is getting as much information from reliable sources and making a decision based on what has been gathered.

It is imperative that you should also be strategic with your resources such as time, finance, and human resources. You should be able to maximize all of them.

Operational/Tactical Leadership

Those people who possess this kind of leadership identify the tasks needed and checks it off from their list. They like breaking down projects into multiple tasks. They do not usually visualize the whole picture but they get things done.

You see, you need both types of leaderships to get things going. When it comes to strategies, you must be able to adapt. You need to see the vision yet identify what needs to be done.

Being a type of leader who can balance both doesn’t happen overnight though. Along the way, learn how to be and learn from mistakes.


After understanding your dreams, values, and how to achieve them you must also recognize your state of progress. You must identify what point you are in now and when do you say you you have reached success.

What are your personal parameters for success? What have you accomplished so far? What do you need to do to go further? Here are some questions you can ask yourself.

How far are you from your goals, finance-wise, career-wise, personal aspirations-wise, and spiritual-wise? Next you must take action, but how?

  • Do it, just move forward.
  • Discover what works and what doesn’t.
  • Develop and work on your self to bring you closer to success.

Don’t get yourself into comparing your progress with others. This is about you, not a race or a competition. If you feel the need to be better, you need to be better than what you are now.


Whatever your religious beliefs are, you can benefit from being spiritual. The context of Spirit here is about what keeps us going. The energy that pushes us on, what brings us to connect with others.

We are in awe of the world and we can choose to feel this. You become mindful. You become compassionate and this enables you to become more positive.

Connecting with yourself makes you open to other aspects as well. In turn, making your relationships better also.

Do things with a purpose and deliberately. Being intentional makes you define your purpose more. Live in the moment also, this way you are aware and you are able to connect.


Do not forget to think of others also and we can do this through service. It can be in the form of donations, or sharing your gifts or skills, or even time. We can make it a habit to help those who are around us.

When we give, we allow ourselves to be more open to others. Through kindness, we grow not only as a person but in the other aspects of our life. Giving doesn’t mean you have to exhaust yourself, think what you can share.

Remember, no man is an island, you are where you are because of the people who helped you along the way. Be like that in return, help also those who helped you or the people that surrounds you.

As a leader you can help the people who you are with at work. When you help others, you also  make your target market’s experience better. In relation to Spirit, be intentional and deliberate when you share with others.

Be kind. Being of service can make another person’s life better.  Be that kind of person.


How is Significance created? Of course, we want to live a life with Significance and we can do this by knowing, understanding, and living out our core values.

When we let our values guide us in our life, it will show it whatever we do. We become a better person and we become of good influence. This will make the others gravitate towards us.

You can choose to live your life of success to a life full of Significance. This is when you understand yourself, you effectively communicate with others, and you know where you’re going.

Significance completes the aspects discussed above. It binds everything together. It makes you into the Dynamic Leader that you want to be.

Being Significant is becoming a leader who knows how to engage with others. And when you do so, be true, be authentic.

Understand what is success to you and understand how to be Spiritual. Serve others as well to live a life with more Significance.


Always start with your Self, understand what your core values are, what your treasure most. Set a Strategy and strike a balance between being a strategic and a tactical leader.

Determine how you see Success, what is it for you? And in Spirit, there is a more beyond you and there is a need to connect. Practice Service as well, as this will lead your closer to Significance.




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