Aim to Be Simply Brilliant

What makes a company successful? Is it those who give the best offers? Contrary to that thinking, it’s not about giving the best deals, it’s about who is offering unique solutions or products.

Organizations who offer novel ideas. Getting to provide creative solutions or products sets an organization apart from the others. Briefly, they’re just “simply brilliant”.

How to be simply brilliant in this very competitive business?

Being the Best?

As stated earlier, offering the best deals doesn’t cut it anymore. Do you have to be the best in pricing? Do you have to be the best in details? Do you really need to emerge as the top of the existing aspects? Not anymore.

To gain success is to give your target market something unique. Something that none of your supposed to be competitors offer. You give them an entirely different experience from the rest. You are different.

Organizations whose business offers an experience to customers like no other is set for success. This is called the “lighthouse identity”.

Adam Morgan a Brand Strategists explains that this is what a company does when they project a clear sense of who they are and a strong purpose of what they do. A

n organization with lighthouse identity projects themselves strongly in everything they do.

However, there is a caveat in such situations. Organizations who dare to be different and who become successful becomes the peg to be copied.

Others will try to copy what they do and even do better than the one who originally set the pace. On the other hand, some companies are not willing to learn from those who are really selling.

In reality, there are somethings the competition is unwilling to go through. Other companies will try to imitate you but that doesn’t mean you should stop being extraordinary and different.

It’s good to develop beliefs about challenging anything that exists. It makes you more innovative and creative. As a leader, you should aspire for the extraordinary through this.

And being the one leading the road to success, learn to inspire so others will follow. Manipulation is not an act that will encourage success. Not only in ideas, be the leader who is different – leading with a passion.

It’s not about being the best, it is being different. It’s doing what others can’t do.

Being Limited?

It has been said over and over again but here’s to hoping it has not lost its meaning along the way – thinking out of the box does it. We set “limits” to what we do and the results? Well, it is limited as well – not as stellar as we think it should have been.

Sometimes those who claim expertise on certain subjects takes to thinking differently harder. They know a lot, had a lot of experiences, have the tendency to be closed on a lot of ideas because of that acquired knowledge.

Past experiences affect the current thinking. Assuming that what happened before will be more or less the same.

It’s more difficult to see a situation with a fresh perspective when you have been into it for so long. While it is important to be business-minded and competent on the job it is as important to challenge existing ideas, be innovative, and creative as well.

You should be able to play out discipline and creativity. You know how to play yet you are competent in your job. You are willing to think creatively but doing it with discipline. And remember what you know and experienced shouldn’t limit you.

Let’s talk about Community Solutions, founded by Rosanne Haggerty – they are providing homes for the homeless. For over 10 years, they have provided properties but it was unfortunate that some of it were not going to those who actually need it.

Even though it sounds impossible, they set is as a goal to decrease the homeless population by more than half – all within three years. It sounded like a feat but they were able to do it by thinking radically and changing their mindset.

What’s the lesson? Don’t stop at anything. Be curious. Stay interested. Always anticipate new ideas, keep on challenging what you know.

Being clever or being kind?

Is it even a choice? Why not both? It’s should not just be doing things extraordinarily, it should be treating everyone with respect and compassion.

We tend to forget these essential traits when we go deep into developing strategies, pitching in ideas but incorporating these will go a long way. Being kind changes how people do things. Including work. Even the smallest gestures of kindness will go far.

If you know about Panera Bread, they only sell clam chowder on Fridays. But they happily prepared some for a customer even though it’s not a Friday because his grandmother which is sick wanted it. Talk about going the extra mile.

The customer really appreciate what Panera Bread did and posted it on social media. The post picked up and Panera was put into the limelight with that deed. People will remember such acts of kindness.

If you do good, naturally, you will be projecting goodness as well to others. Make it your company culture, it will set you apart from the competition.

Being Allies in this?

No one is above help. Even the most ordinary people can assist you in reaching the organization’s goals. We also need to acknowledge that we need help. Let’s be humble enough to accept that.

We improve by learning. One way to do that is through learning from other people. With a lot of people involved, you will encounter several points of you that you will definitely learn from.

Companies who are more innovative and original come up with successful results. So the more people you’re with, the more allies you have, the more ideas you’ll come up with, the more chance of success.

The Zappos office is set-up in a way where people have the tendency to cross each other’s paths frequently. These “mini” meet-ups is an opportunity to exchange ideas, know thoughts, and talk about other interesting things.

And as a leader also, aside from acknowledging you need help – acknowledge that you do not have all the answers. Humility is important.

Asking help is okay. Also, it gives the impression that you trust the team enough to come up with ideas as well.  This fuels confidence and motivation to do better.


Want to be simply brilliant? You don’t have to be the best, but you just have to be different. Give the customers something that they will only find in you.

Don’t let also past learnings and experiences hold you back, every idea, even though crazy – must be heard.

It might just be the solution you are looking for. And never, ever forget to be kind, being one goes a long, long way. Gestures of kindness remains.

Ask help also, it doesn’t indicate weakness. Humility will get you further and not pride. You don’t always have the answer.




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