The Impact of Gift Giving


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Sometimes, one hopes that the goodness they give out comes back to them.

Life is actually better if you are grateful and you treat everyone well.

It’s just icing on the cake if this will bring on a positive change in your business as well.

Being generous can be applicable in any relationship whether it’s personal or in your businesses.

So today we will learn how giving can positively impact one’s life.

Gift Giving

Remember, you don’t just give gifts on special occasions. You can also gift them at any time, to people whom you care for, who are worth your time. You value the relationship with the person who is the recipient of your gift.

And sometimes when people do you good, you want to return the favor by giving back. In business, the situation can be the same.

Whether it is of small or big value, or even a simple thank you card – this is much appreciated. The recipient is grateful in the gift that was given. Gift giving gives the idea that you are sharing something valuable to the other person.

They also say that one of the best gifts any person could give is the gift of time – once given, you can never take it back. You can never retrieve time that has come by. So if a person gives you time, one should be grateful.

Same with work, maintaining good relationships are imperative. People who are treated well work better and are more motivated. People are grateful even for the smallest things you do for them. Being generous gives you the opportunity to make your relationships with people better.

However, there’s a caveat sometimes in giving gifts to upper management. There is a possibility  that you will elicit a negative reaction.

If that’s the case, people who are not appreciative of this gesture may not be appreciative of a lot of things either. However, it is still worth the risk. There are still some people who are very much appreciative.

Give gifts also when it is not expected. Gifts are expected on certain occasions like holidays and birthdays. People are surprised with these actions as they were not expecting to receive anything at all.

When it’s a surprise, the impact is different. The recipient will feel special, it gives the impression that the giver has the intention to strengthen their relationship. It doesn’t matter how much or how little the gift costs, it is valuable because of the intention.

In a corporate setting, the gifts given to the employees can be quite generic. Not much thought is given in choosing, it is sometimes done for the sake of just giving a token.

What you can do, you can be more creative and thoughtful about it. Instead of putting the company’s logo on the gift, personalize it for the person instead. Make the gift more about them than the company.

You can use this strategy also with your customers, giving them carefully thought out gifts that they can use within their circles can possibly give your company attention as well.

Imagine how much they will be using a well thought out gift and how much your presence will be felt. A single gift giving that much impact – imagine that.

Do take note that an awesome gift doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive. A simple thank you card or a note with a personal message works the same.

Gift giving also gives the impression that the giver treats people really well. It’s a good way to make people remember you and refer other people to your business also.

As mentioned earlier you can give gifts to customers also, and your prospects of course. One way they may notice you is giving them a useful gift.

Same goes with the suppliers of your business, giving them gifts is also maintaining your goodwill with them. It shows that you appreciate what they do for your business.

Going back to people within the company, new hires can be given gifts as well. It’s a good way to start a good relationship with them.

Whoever you’re giving the gift to, the most important thing is the thought you put into it. What’s your intention? Take time to know what the recipient may want or need, it’s being thoughtful and intentional.

Keep in mind that through gift giving, you show how important your relationships are.

Where Your Relationships Lead You To

Think where you are now, do you have some people in mind who helped you reach where you are? And who do you think will help you reach your further goals into the future? It’s just right to appreciate them now. Show how grateful you are.

Be always grateful to what has been given and what has been done for you. For the people that will be part of your journey, know how to appreciate them. Think about how you will nurture these relationships.

The people close to the person you are concerned with like family are often not recognized in the process. Next time you give a gift, think of a gift they would all enjoy.

For example, a gift that the whole family can appreciate and use. This will surely make a mark on the recipient because you thought of the people close to them as well.

Include assistants in your lists also. They are often not included but they are close to your clients too. Make sure to keep them in mind when you are checking out gifts.


When you’re giving a gift make sure that it’s about the recipient and not about you. It defeats the purpose if you’re just giving a gift with your logo or brand blatantly emblazoned on it, it’s quite tacky.

It’s no longer a gift about them, it has rather become more about your business.If possible, personalize the gift – their name can be on it or their initials.

It makes the gift more meaningful because there’s nothing like an object where your name is clearly written on it.

Your gifts should be cohesive with your core values as well. It should reflect who you are and what you believe in.

Be wise in choosing the gift. Let’s say you only have a budget of $20 for a high-end recipient. Should you buy wallet that costs $20 or a personalized calling card holder for the same price?

Most likely the wallet won’t be used at all as compared to the personalized item that you would be giving. Choose gifts that are of value and with class.

Aside from personalized gifts, handmade gifts are thoughtful. People appreciate the effort that has been poured in making handmade gifts.

Generic gifts from the mall gives the impression that it’s not a well thought about gift. Even the expensive ones. No matter how expensive it is, if it looks like just something you would hurriedly pick at the stores – the personal touch is missing.

The gift should be unique and as said earlier, in as much as possible – personalized. And not to forget – should be useful to the one receiving. Better if it’s something they can use in a daily basis.

The gift should be attractive as well. Attractive in the sense that other people who see it are compelled to ask about it. The conversation would lead to you because you are the giver.

Personalized gifts can be given to anyone. The longer you know the person, the easier it is to choose a gift for them.

Giving gifts shouldn’t consume you either. Do not worry on it too much. Don’t feel helpless if you do not have much resources to purchase a gift. Remember, it’s not how much it costs. You can be creative in choosing gifts.

But before you overspend or underspend – set a budget and work with that. List the people who you should be giving to and see what budget can you afford.

You can also have a theme with your gifts. For the coffee lover, you have probably given some coffee beans, how about a coffee grinder the next time, or perhaps a personalized mug? This is good for maintaining relationships.

Don’t lose sight why you are doing this. The moment that it’s more about you, the gifts lose its meaning.

Another good question is how often should you be giving? Go with what your budget allows. However, it’s not the quantity of gifts that matter. You can give in lesser frequency but if the gifts you give has such impact, you will be remembered more often.

However, think also about timing. Don’t let the time between giving gifts be too long either. If you take too long especially with new clients, you might not ring a bell at all to them. Consider giving gifts as a part of your budget. It is after all an investment.

Make gift giving a practice. See how will it change your personal life and business. Through giving gifts, you will also be reminded to be grateful to the people who helped you reach where you are and who will help you go to where you want in the future.

Everyday, think of the people whom you are most grateful to. To do this consistently, you will feel the need to show them appreciation.

This way, you will have more desire to be appreciative of them by saying thanks and giving them gifts. It will become easier for you and giving will become a habit.

And if you do this, people around you would emulate what you do. Especially if you’re in an organization, if you walk the talk they will follow.

Show generosity and they will pass it on around them as well. You see, being grateful does a lot of things. It does just not improve you, it improves also everything around you.




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