How Thinking Out of the Box Could Change Your Game


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You know the funny thing about life? How we perceive things., and the irony of it all. Successful entrepreneurs are not solely focused on the money.

Happiness is not necessarily a consequence of chasing happiness. Even the prettiest drawings are not the most representative of the actual.

It seems pretty strange, but it is how it is. If we think out of the box, if we deviate from the usual thinking, it is possible.

There are just things that we achieve indirectly. We talk about today why our objective is best obtained when we pursue it indirectly.

How We Achieve Our Goals

As illustrated earlier, happiness may not be the consequence of chasing it. What your intentions are – doesn’t necessarily mean the same outcome.

So for those who think out of the box, they are consistent as much as stubborn. A case worth noting of is Boeing. It’s not profit that has driven them to success. Profit is a result of their decisions.

It is because of their passion for planes that carried them through. It was not a smooth sailing for them, their stocks dropping and all. However, they pushed on – building on their passion.

The Airbus was built and they came back leading. They were able to regain success by pursuing what they want.

What We Should Know About Greed

Money is very attractive – we have to acknowledge that. A lot of people in the industry is not immune to the lure of money and making more of it. If there is a way to be paid more? Why not? Money has its way of twisting good plans.

There’s nothing wrong with money per se, but when there’s an unquenchable desire for it, it is a different matter altogether.

This is one of the causes of a company’s downfall, when the individuals that belong to the organization just strives to get more money.

They are driven by their desire to have more. It’s no longer about the company. It’s everyone for themselves – the interest has turned into greed.

Money should not be the end game, the road to success should be about the passion and commitment to the business.

Decision Making

How do you arrive at your decision? What do you lay out? Some people would say that they lay out a concrete plan, complete with objectives and what actions are needed to be taken?

Usually it’s about exhausting all the options after setting out the objectives. How do we do this differently? The different approach is to go along what is happening. Don’t mistake this as “winging it”. It is going through the decisions along the way.

The thing with setting the plan of action early – it limits the options head on. It is important to check what options is good for the current concern. It’s best to improvise along the way and not limiting the options.

What About Profit?

Profit just like money should be acknowledged. Everyone in the business knows it but what role does it play in the business?

Should it really be a goal to maximize it in the organization? Checking company statements, maximized profit is often measured by the return of investment charts, shareholders value, and more but you won’t see maximized profits as mainly the point.

Other matters that are discussed are about performance, available or lack of resources, and customer feedback.

Maximizing the profits is not the sole answer to everything. It is a by-product of a great business that has catered to satisfied customers and employees.

Breaking it Down

When providing solutions to problems, it’s really a complex matter. The problems are complex enough and solving it means there are aspects that are going to be used and some which will not.

We can’t apply all our thoughts to the problem. We just choose, that’s how we put a problem to a close.

How to successful businessman go about this? They have the ability to break down complex problems to simpler concepts. However, the process leading to this is not something you learn overnight. It takes experience and sound judgement to proceed with this.

The process of simplifying is often decided based on past experiences and it varies from one person to another.

However, do be careful with such situations, some people can be in a rush to come up with the solution they neglect the fact that they do not have the background or experience to simplify the complex idea.

Difference in Personality

Do you know Tolstoy’s the fox and the hedgehog? Based on Isaiah Berlin’s essay, we can differentiate types of personalities based on these.

Each is distinctly different and has characteristics worth noting. The fox is quick but the movement isn’t a straight one while the hedgehog in contrast moves more slowly and straightforward.

Those are the “hedgehog” types, know the answers however, the “foxes” have better judgements. Hedgehogs tend to be more popular even if the people doesn’t find its advice particularly useful.

Do you recognize the difference now? There are those who think that your intention is the same as the outcome. Those who think out of the box knows that that the result is not necessarily the effect of your intentions to do so.

Some people would generate all the possible options to their situation. Those who think out of the box adapts to the situation as it progresses on. Some people justify their course of action, those who think differently – comes up with the right solution.

As you see, there’s a difference when you think out of the box. Thinking about the situation differently can bring about a different approach in solving concerns.




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