Creating Your Dream Team

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As they say, no man is an island. There are some things you can achieve on your own but in bigger, more complex goals – you need a team to achieve a goal better.

It’s like your body’s vital organs – they do separate important tasks but they are functioning cohesively as a whole. So must a team be – no too little tasks for everyone. Everything done has a purpose and important to the outcome.

That’s why it’s important to have that dream team of yours. Every member is important and vital to achieving the end goals.

What is the “dream team” supposed to be is anyway? Realistically, there’s no such thing a “perfect” team in the truest sense. Difference of opinions occur, conflicts happen,  – but such differences and imperfections of each member can make a team work better.

What we want to see in a team – it should overall have a healthy relationship. This is where there’s high team member morale, productive and turnover rate is low to none. There can be disagreements but the internal politics is not the main event and definitely not the focus of the day to day activities.

How is the “dream team” created then?

Being Unified

It’s starts with building the team that’s one and united. They know they are a team, and they know that they work together to achieve a goal.

And reiterating what’s discussed above about conflicts, even the most perfect team meet disagreements at times. The difference is on how they settle conflicts. Because they know that they are unified, it’s not about pushing each other’s opinion in their faces to prove they are right. It’s discussing to settle the best idea or solution.

And trust should be present. Their should be trust on both parties to work on their goals together and not argue who does it better. They are committed to getting out the best results.

Discussions to resolve the conflict is in place. The goal is to not see who is the best among those who are arguing but how to resolve what they are discussing. They may have different ideas but in the end they have the same goal. They understand that premise – so they discuss to understand. They are one in achieving the end goal whatever disagreements that may arise.

And if things doesn’t go as expected, there is accountability. To be able to acknowledge want went wrong along the way and reviewing what to do next. It’s not about highlighting want went wrong as an end to it but being accountable to what occurred and moving on to a resolution. Because the teams are one in achieving, they are accountable to the actions and committed in solving want went down.

Being one is to be able to work with one another, arise from conflicts, arrive on best solutions based on discussions, and accountability in all actions.

Define the purpose

What’s the purpose of the team? Why is it there in the first place? What is the purpose of each team (in bigger organizations)? What are we trying to achieve? It’s all about leveling the expectations.

Provide a mission and a vision that’s clear and easy to understand. It should be defined why the organization exists. Of course, the organization has a purpose. Consequently, it must be stated how do the members fulfill that purpose and what values must be heeded to achieve that. It’s also important to know what values the company highlights as well to attain the goal.

The strategy to achieve the vision must be laid at too and which team or persons are responsible in implementing them. And not to forget – timelines. What do you want to be achieved now, in two years, 5 years, and so on.

The teams should be made aware of the purpose and where the company is going along the way.


Having defined the company’s mission and vision, it is imperative that this is cascaded to everyone in the organization. Every team must know and understand the direction of the company.

It must be emphasized and reminded constantly to be embedded in each team’s daily activities. It should be the core of the work being done. Every task should be aligned to the purpose. With the purpose clear, the employees know how to contribute to the goal.

As you see, having the “dream team” can be possible, It’s a matter of getting people to understand that they are unified in achieving a goal. Since they share the same goal, they have a clear understanding of the mission and vision.

They are in the know what core values the company puts first to achieve it and what strategies to employ. Every action the employee takes is aligned with the purpose of the company. They are driven to succeed together.



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