Floyd Buenavente
SEO/SEM/SMO Specialist

About the Author

Hi, I’m Floyd Buenavente,I helped clients all over the world make their websites rank.

Word has spread about the results I get and now I speak in stages all over the Philippines about Search Engine Optimization & Growth Systems Marketing. 

I came to know Floyd when he volunteered to be an admin of a freelancing community I am managing. It didn't take long before we clicked because he's good-natured, easy to get along with and dependable, so it's also only natural that he became one of my trusted friends and colleagues in the industry.

Work-wise, Floyd has already established himself as one of the authority in SEO in the country way before I knew him. But working with him through the group, I can confirm it's not just because of hype, he's the real deal. He's competent and good at what he does. In fact, he is one of my go-to persons for SEO concerns and top of mind when a client asks me for referrals.

There are a lot of specialists out there in the open, but there are limited people who could deliver strong results in marketing and amplify the return of your investments. Floyd is one of them. A seasoned digital marketing specialist backed by years of experience in seo and paid search. I personally recommend him to my peers whenever they seek expert help from someone who have mastered the ins and outs of SEO.

“Floyd is one of the regions most respected SEO minds. His ability to design reverse engineer competitive industry rankings plays a critical role in creative, intellectual, and successful marketing online . His experience makes him a must have for research and online business development.”

“Floyd is one of the best SEO experts I've known. He's results oriented, efficient and very professional. The best part is, he will definitely give you more than what you've asked for. That's why he's one of the most sought-after freelancers in this field. You will definitely hire him over and over again!"

“I worked with Floyd twice and I could say that he knows his craft well. The best part about this is he’s very enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge with his colleagues and even with his clients. His SEO consulting is world-class. I’m sure that he will establish himself in the international SEO scene soon."

“Floyd is one of the nationally recognized online marketing expert in the Philippines. His work ethics and people skills are a plus to his portfolio. He is also an active community member/admin to several online freelancers group. His skills and expertise makes him a sought-after freelancer for different companies."

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