The New How

Overcoming the Air Sandwich

Have you heard about the air sandwich? This is what happens when there’s a disconnect between the strategies planned in high level management and the actual execution. Way above, the details of the strategies are known but those down below who work to get the results ultimately fails. Why is this the case? Between the … Read more


The Impact of Gift Giving

Sometimes, one hopes that the goodness they give out comes back to them. Life is actually better if you are grateful and you treat everyone well. It’s just icing on the cake if this will bring on a positive change in your business as well. Being generous can be applicable in any relationship whether it’s … Read more

Disciplined Dreaming

How to Bring Out That Creativity?

What are successful businesses made of? Most people would think that in order for a business to be considered as a success, they have the extraordinary ability to be original and creative. Truth be told, there are some businesses that are remembered because of their unique contributions such as Henry Ford’s introduction to efficient mass … Read more


Daring to Be Different

Probably you have heard it for a million times already, set yourself or your organization apart to make a difference. It’s “cliché-ish”, probably overused to an extent but the reality is – it still holds some truth. We have seen companies stand out because they are different – some are even a success. With that, … Read more